Your Therapy Practice is Thriving, but Does Your Dream of Having a Podcast Remain Just a Dream?

Make Dreams a Reality with Holistic Velocity. We Turn Your Vision of a Successful Podcast into a Tangible Success.

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Welcome to Holistic Velocity, where we take the complexity out of becoming an authority in your field. You're a therapist, a healer, a guide - your work changes lives. But let's face it, breaking into the podcasting world can feel like trying to learn a new language overnight.

You want to share your insights, connect with a wider audience, but the technicalities can be a minefield. That's where we come in. With our expert guidance, we'll help you launch a podcast that not only represents your unique voice but also turns you into a recognized authority in the mental health space. This isn't about becoming a tech whiz overnight - it's about amplifying your impact, reaching those who need your guidance, and growing your practice.

Podcast Services Overview

Engage your audience and share your expertise with our comprehensive podcast production and management services.

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Podcast Launch

Essential services for therapists starting their podcast journey.

Monthly Fee: $1,500

Services included:

  • Podcast concept development and strategy
  • Branding and artwork creation for the podcast
  • Intro and outro music selection
  • Audio recording equipment recommendations and setup assistance
  • Podcast hosting setup and integration with website
  • Launch promotion strategy and implementation
  • Basic podcast editing (up to 4 episodes per month)


  • Establish a new channel to connect with your audience and share insights
  • Enhance your reputation as an industry expert
  • Improve search engine rankings and online visibility through podcast content


Happy Asian woman setting up a living room in her house for podcast studio, woman arranging a podcast and online radio station at home. Professional young podcaster speaking through a microphone.
Group Practice Multi-locationPodcast Growth

Advanced podcast production and promotion services for maximum audience reach and engagement.

Monthly Fee: $3,000

Services included:

  • All services from the Podcast Launch Tier
  • Advanced podcast editing (up to 4 episodes per month)
  • AI-generated show notes and episode summaries
  • Transcript creation for each episode
  • Assistance with guest outreach and scheduling
  • Social media promotion and advertising for each episode
  • Podcast performance analytics and reporting
  • Ongoing podcast strategy consultation and optimization

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