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About Holistic Velocity

Holistic Velocity is a dedicated marketing agency specializing in providing marketing solutions to mental and behavioral healthcare professionals.

Our mission is to help therapists and counselors grow their practices while breaking the stigma surrounding mental health. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by mental health professionals, we blend technology, creativity, and industry expertise to boost your online presence and connect you with clients who need your services.


Our Story

Holistic Velocity was founded by Drew Hendricks, a passionate advocate for mental health awareness who has personally struggled with bipolar disorder throughout his life. Drew's firsthand experience with the importance of mental health care inspired him to create a company dedicated to helping mental health professionals succeed in their mission to help others.

Before founding Holistic Velocity, Drew successfully launched Nimbletoad, a digital marketing agency that has grown into an industry leader. With the experience and expertise gained from Nimbletoad, Drew set out to create a specialized agency that would cater exclusively to the needs of mental and behavioral healthcare professionals.

Our Successes

Holistic Velocity has had the privilege of collaborating with numerous notable clients and organizations in the mental health field. Some of our most significant achievements include:

The Relationship Place: We helped launch The Relationship Place, a thriving therapy practice offering individual, couples, and group therapy services. Our marketing strategies have contributed to the practice's growth and success in connecting people with the support they need.

Ana Gomez and the Agate Institute: We collaborated with renowned therapist and author Ana Gomez to launch the Agate Institute, an organization that provides high-quality training and resources for professionals working with complex trauma and dissociation. Our marketing efforts have helped the institute reach a global audience and establish itself as a leader in the field.

EMDR Institute: We built the engine for EMDR Basic Training programs for the EMDR Institute, a world-renowned organization offering training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. Our work has contributed to the growth and success of EMDR as a therapeutic modality worldwide.

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Our Team

At Holistic Velocity, we have assembled a talented team of marketing professionals, web developers, designers, and content creators who are passionate about mental health and committed to helping our clients succeed. Our team members bring a wealth of experience and expertise to every project, ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality marketing solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Our Commitment

Holistic Velocity is committed to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health and helping mental and behavioral healthcare professionals grow their practices.

We believe that by empowering therapists and counselors with cutting-edge marketing solutions, we can contribute to a brighter future for mental health care and the countless individuals who rely on these vital services.


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